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Legendary sound meets a tough as nails body in the Marshall Middleton

This portable speaker has been the focus of the latest Quick Look.

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It's always handy to have a portable speaker that you can take with you to a party, to the beach, even to use when in the shower, and the legendary audio brand Marshall has given us its take on the ultimate portable speaker system.

Known as the Marshall Middleton, this device features a hefty battery that can offer over 20 hours of playback all on one charge, as well as boasting a chassis that is meant for the rough and tumble of life, with IP67 dust and water certification. Oh, and since it is a speaker, it is able to play audio incredibly loudly, by using True Stereophonic multi-directional audio to deliver a truly immersive experience.

But, you can see this for yourself as we have got our hands on the Marshall Middleton on the latest episode of Quick Look, which you can watch in its entirety below.


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