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Black Desert Online

Legendary item pack available for Black Desert Online on PS4

Developer Pearl Abyss has released a legendary item pack for Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4.

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, developer Pearl Abyss just recently released a legendary item pack for Black Desert Online that's exclusive to PlayStation 4. The item pack includes a limited costume box (which is granted to the class that opens it), a limited pet 'Helter-Skelter Ceros', a limited transaction maid 'Pietro', a Pearl Box - 2000 pearls, a Blessing of Kamasilvia (15 days), a Value Pack (30 days), 50 Artisan's Memory, 10 Valk's Cry, 10 Elion's Tear, various scrolls, and a 20% Discount Coupon and will be available for purchase until December 24.

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