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LEC's 2024 season will have longer breaks between splits

And the group stage and playoff brackets for each split are being merged.

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We're getting ever closer to the League of Legends European Championship making its return for the 2024 season, and in the spirit of this, Riot Games has now published an article that explains the changes for the format of the upcoming competitive campaign.

The main changes revolve around the end of split proceedings, as now the group stage and playoffs events are being merged together into a single bracket. This is so that it should be easier for fans to follow the competition as it progresses.

Picking up on this, there will now also be longer breaks between splits and major international tournaments, to better give players time to rest and recuperate before getting back into the action. This being said, the time between the Summer Split and the LEC Season Finals is being reduced by a week.

Championship Points are also being adjusted so that certain placings now get the same number of points, and likewise qualification for the Season Finals is also being adjusted so that second and third placing teams in the Summer Split gain automatic qualification for the event.

LEC players will now also have to be 18 years old to compete in the league, but ERL leagues will remain with an age requirement of 16.

League of Legends

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