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League of Legends

LEC Winter Season: Week 3 Results and Roundup

The Winter Split is over and all eyes are on the first batch of Playoffs.

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Week three was pure chaos, as teams battled it out to secure their spot in the Winter Playoffs. With more close and hectic games than the first two weeks combined, when the dust settled FNC had failed to make the playoffs for the first time in the organisation's history.

Day 1:

AST v SK (AST win)

AST: Gangplank; Sejuani; Sylas; Ezreal; Karma

SK: Jax; Vi; LeBlanc; Lucian; Nami

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SK were winning out everywhere except top lane early, and this came back to bite them as Finn put AST on his back and they launched a huge comeback win.

XL v TH (TH win)

XL: Ornn; Elise; Jayce; Varus; Braum

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TH: Jax; Sejuani; Orianna; Draven; Rakan

TH got Jackspektra's Draven fed early with a bot gank that resulted in two kills, and from that point onwards they ran away with the game, marshalled by Jankos.

G2 v BDS (G2 win)

G2: Gnar; Maokai; Ryze; Xayah: Nautilus

BDS: Jax; Sejuani; Sylas; Lucian; Nami

Yike helped to stabilise a bot 2v2 that BDS were winning, and in the mid game Caps' coordinated G2 to victory with some flawless Ryze gameplay.

FNC v MAD (MAD win)

FNC: Gragas; Virgo; Sylas; Xayah; Yuumi

MAD: Renekton; Sejuani; Cassiopeiea; Zeri; Lulu

MAD Lions had FNC's number in this game, coordinating far better, with Chasy and Nisqy dominating the competition.

KOI v VIT (KOI win)

KOI: Gnar; Vi; Azir; Varus; Ashe

VIT: Renekton; Sejuani; LeBlanc; Zeri; Yuumi

The mid and early game was slow and fairly even, but KOI were stacking dragons and used the Dragon Soul to win teamfights and secure the game.

League of Legends
Michal Konkol

Day 2:

SK v XL (SK win)

SK: Sion; Maokai; Akali; Zeri; Yuumi

XL: Renekton; Sejuani; Viktor; Yasuo; Senna

A slow early game in XL's favour, which came alive when SK stole Baron from XL and killed four members. Exakick and Doss were standouts as SK ran away with the game.

BDS v VIT (VIT win)

BDS: K'Sante; Wukong; Akali; Lucian; Nami

VIT: Gwen; Vi; Azir; Varus; Ashe

Sheo was a standout for a BDS side that tried their best against VIT's overwhelming lane prowess, putting up a good fight in a long game with many twists and turns, only broken open by the Elder Dragon going in favour of VIT.

TH v MAD (MAD win)

TH: Renekton; Wukong; Azir; Ashe; Heimerdinger

MAD: K'Sante; Vi; Sylas; Varus; Yuumi

Lots of back and forth picks set up Ruby and Mersa for success, but a Dragon Soul in favour of MAD and a clutch pentakill from Nisqy allowed MAD to steal this game.

AST v FNC (AST win)

AST: Gnar; Trundle; Ryze; Lucian; Nami

FNC: Aatrox; Vi; Azir; Varus; Nautilus

AST were winning out in a slow early game, especially on objective control, and ripped FNC apart around a Dragon fight, pressing their advantage for the rest of the game.

G2 v KOI (G2 win)

G2: Jax; Elise; Jayce; Kalista; Leona

KOI: Gangplank; Maokai; Azir; Zeri; Yuumi

A scrappy early game from both sides led to G2 running away with the mid game and playing teamfights near flawlessly, securing the win.

League of Legends
Michal Konkol

Day 3:

BDS v TH (BDS win)

BDS: Sett; Vi; Azir; Zeri; Ashe

TH: Renekton; Sejuani; Sylas; Varus; Heimerdinger

Adam was a standout early for BDS as TH were building a steady lead, keeping them in the game enough to make a comeback teamfight win, off the back of which they secured the Baron and outscaled TH for the win.

KOI v AST (KOI win)

KOI: Gnar; Wukong; Sylas; Zeri; Lulu

AST: Kled; Sejuani; Yone; Sivir; Yuumi

KOI built small lane advantages and won out in a huge teamfight, pressing their advantages perfectly to win.

SK v FNC (SK win)

SK: Gnar; Sejuani; Taliyah; Caitlyn; Lux

FNC: Camille; Wukong; Azir; Xayah; Leona

SK masterfully shut out Rekkles at level one, and pressured FNC through the bot lane, eventually securing the Mountain Soul and pressuring FNC aggressively for the win.

MAD v G2 (MAD win)

MAD: Renekton; Sejuani; Viktor; Sivir; Yuumi

G2: Karma; Kindred; Swain; Varus; Taliyah

An eccentric G2 draft didn't yield results, as Chasy and Carzzy took over the mid game and MAD snowballed the game to a close with relative ease.

VIT v XL (VIT win)

VIT: Gragas; Vi; Taliyah; Zeri; Yuumi

XL: Jax; Wukong; Ryze; Varus; Pyke

The best XL has looked this split, unfortunately it was too little too late. A very scrappy, back and forth game, with Photon being a standout. VIT had a clutch Elder Dragon steal and gambled on a base race for the win.

Final Standings:

  • VIT (7-2)

  • MAD (7-2)

  • SK (6-3)

  • G2 (6-3)

  • BDS (5-4)

  • TH (4-5)

  • KOI (4-5)

  • AST (3-6)

  • FNC (2-7)

  • XL (1-8)

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