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LEC Winter Season: Week 2 Results and Roundup

Another week, another set of results.

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Following up to last week's inaugural article, we're back and looking at all the major developments and results from the LEC's Winter Season's second week - and boy, there were some corkers.

As the Winter Season is now two thirds of the way through its regular season, by the end of next week we'll be saying goodbye to two teams until the next split. Week two shook up the standings massively, let's take a look.

Day 1:

VIT v AST (VIT win)

VIT: Gnar ; Maokai ; Syndra ; Caitlyn ; Lux

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AST: K'Sante ; Viego ; Twisted Fate ; Zeri; Yuumi

Despite AST putting up a decent fight, especially Kobbe in the bot lane, VIT were able to use their understanding of macro to pressure the map, take objectives and scale for the win.

FNC v BDS (BDS win)

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FNC: K'Sante; Viego; Azir; Ezreal; Ashe

BDS: Olaf; Wukong; Viktor; Varus; Heimerdinger

Adam took over the game with an early solo kill onto Wunder, building a lead FNC couldn't overcome despite their best efforts, and setting BDS up for the win.

SK v G2 (SK win)

SK: Sion; Elise; Azir; Sivir; Yuumi

G2: K'Sante ; Graves ; Akali ; Varus ; Lulu

Successful early ganks from SK and great play from Sertuss later in the game allowed SK to take down G2 convincingly.

TH v KOI (TH win)

TH: K'Sante; Graves; Azir; Lucian; Nami

KOI: Fiora; Elise; Viktor; Sivir; Yuumi

Jankos was a terror in a game where Malrang struggled to find footing, and despite some clutch moments and back and forth from both sides TH were able to fight better as a team and overpower KOI.

MAD v XL (MAD win)

MAD: K'Sante; Maokai; Azir; Sivir; Lulu

XL: Gwen; Wukong; Akali; Zeri; Yuumi

A slow game, with MAD stacking dragons fairly easily and using the pressure gained to push for a clean win.

League of Legends
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Day 2:

AST v BDS (BDS win)

AST: K'Sante; Jarvan IV; Syndra; Caitlyn; Ashe

BDS: Jax; Wukong; Sylas: Jhin; Heimerdinger

Sheo set up BDS' top side with an early invade and despite their best efforts AST were never able to equalise there or bot.

VIT v SK (SK win)

VIT: Ornn; Maokai; Tristana; Sivir; Yuumi

SK: Renekton; Elise; Syndra; Zeri; Lulu

Lots of back and forth early between the two junglers, but SK effectively punished VIT's mistakes and quickly grew an insurmountable objective advantage.

TH v G2 (G2 win)

TH: K'Sante; Elise; Viktor; Lucian; Nami

G2: Jax; Bel'Veth; Twisted Fate; Draven; Nautilus

G2 shut out TH early, winning out in the jungle and bot 2v2 matchups. Despite Evi's best efforts G2 quickly pressed their advantage for the second fastest LEC game ever and a dancing herald.

XL v FNC (FNC win)

XL : Renekton ; Vi ; Sylas ; Lucian; Nami

FNC: Gnar; Wukong; Kassadin; Varus; Nautilus

XL's coordination was better than FNC's for most of the game, but a miracle Baron steal and Humanoid on a scaling Kassadin pick allowed FNC to steal an unwinnable game back.

KOI v MAD (MAD win)

KOI: K'Sante; Jarvan IV; Azir; Lucian; Nami

MAD: Fiora; Sejuani; Sylas; Varus; Ashe

Lots of early ganks from both sides, but in the end it was MAD winning the laning phase everywhere, and proactively using this advantage for a clean and clinical shutout.

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Day 3:

XL v AST (AST win)

XL: K'Sante; Sejuani; Taliyah; Draven; Nautilus

AST : Gnar ; Trundle ; Sylas ; Lucian; Nami

AST shut down XL's attempts to accelerate their bot lane, and despite XL finding some life in the mid game AST's lead was too big to overcome.

BDS v MAD (BDS win)

BDS: Darius; Maokai; Azir; Jhin; Tahm Kench

MAD: K'Sante; Sejuani; Akali; Varus; Thresh

Adam took over the game and was a terror throughout despite MAD's best efforts to split the map. A Mountain Soul for BDS was the final nail in the coffin for a struggling MAD side.

SK v KOI (SK win)

SK: Gnar; Sejuani; Akali; Lucian; Yuumi

KOI: Renekton; Maokai; Tristana; Ezreal; Nami

Larssen secured two early kills and was off to a great start, but SK dragged themselves back into the game through bot, and were consistently winning out in team fights.

G2 v VIT (VIT win)

G2 : K'Sante ; Udyr ; Ryze ; Lucian; Nami

VIT: Gwen; Vi; Cassiopeia; Varus; Ashe

Bo led the way for VIT to pull ahead with aggressive early plays, and convert their advantage to objectives in the mid game, bleeding G2 out over time for the win.

FNC v TH (TH win)

FNC: Gwen; Vi; Ryze; Varus; Leona

TH: K'Sante; Wukong; Azir; Zeri; Braum

TH shut down some early FNC pressure with a level one jungle invade, and despite FNC pulling ahead were able to withstand them, play around Barons and win by scaling and team fights.

League of Legends
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  • VIT (5-1)

  • G2 (4-2)

  • MAD (4-2)

  • SK (4-2)

  • BDS (4-2)

  • TH (3-3)

  • FNC (2-4)

  • KOI (2-4)

  • AST (1-5)

  • XL (1-5)

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