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League of Legends

LEC Winter Season: Groups: Week 1 Results and Roundup

Seasonal play is over for the time being, and now the best rosters from the LEC are competing in the Winter Group Stage.

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It's the first week of the LEC Winter Season group stage, and that means it's time for best of three's. This new format had some great games over the weekend, and showcased some diverse picks in the league.

Day 1:


Game 1 (VIT win)
VIT: Sion; Kindred; Syndra; Ezreal; Karma
TH: K'Sante; Wukong; Azir; Caitlyn; Varus

VIT were hammering TH through the bot lane, Bo was everywhere on Kindred and TH just couldn't beat VIT in teamfights.

Game 2 (TH win)
VIT: Jax; Wukong; Kassadin; Caitlyn; Lux
TH: K'Sante: Vi; Viktor; Zeri; Nautilus

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TH were winning out in the 2v2 bot, and both Jankos and Mersa were consistently finding good roams. Jackspektra was unstoppable once he got a lead and carried TH to victory.

Game 3 (VIT win)
VIT: Gragas; Kindred; Azir; Sivir; Renata Glasc
TH: Jax; Vi; Syndra; Zeri; Soraka

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Bo was finding good early picks but TH were finding the better team fights. Lots of big back and forth fights in the mid game, and a scrappy VIT forced Nexus at the first opportunity.


Game 1 (KOI win)
KOI: Gnar; Sejuani; Sylas; Sivir; Karma
SK: Renekton; Maokai; Jayce; Xayah; Nautilus

KOI got two early kills mid due to a counter gank, and KOI pressed their lane advantages to perfection, with Larssen being a standout.

Game 2 (KOI win)
SK: Sion; Amumu; Azir; Caitlyn; Lux
KOI: Aatrox; Sejuani; Sylas; Lucian; Nami

KOI were winning in lanes and in picks, but Markoon managed to steal Baron from them. SK couldn't keep up with KOI in late game team fights, however.

League of Legends

Day 2:


Game 1 (MAD win)
MAD: K'Sante; Maokai; Azir; Lucian; Nami
AST: Jax; Vi; Ryze; Ezreal; Karma

MAD were laning better but AST were finding better picks. Nisqy got accelerated on Azir, and MAD were the better team fighters.

Game 2 (AST win)
AST: Jax; Jarvan IV; Sylas; Lucian; Nami
MAD: Gragas; Vi; Ryze; Draven; Ashe

A bloody bot lane fight led to an early three for three, with both mid laners being accelerated early. Dajor was everywhere he needed to be for AST and Kobbe was having a great game.

Game 3 (MAD win)
MAD: K'Sante; Sejuani; Azir; Aphelios; Thresh
AST: Jax; Vi; Karma; Cassiopeiea; Twitch

Lots of picks everywhere but K'Sante was growing a strong lead in lane. Jeonghoon was having a great game and was everywhere but Nisqy and Chasy put MAD on their backs.

G2 v BDS

Game 1 (G2 win)
G2: Jax; Lillia; Jayce; Kai'Sa; Nautlius
BDS: Garen; Sejuani; Ryze; Zeri; Alistair

Yike was allowed to power farm and find picks. BDS were winning through the bot lane, but it wasn't enough. Yike was involved in all but one of G2's 22 kills and had a 5.7k gold lead by the end of the game.

Game 2 (BDS win)
BDS: Olaf; Elise; Azir; Zeri; Lulu
G2: Jax; Bel'Veth; Sylas; Xayah; Nautilus

BDS got three early kills to accelerate Azir and BDS pulled ahead in a big teamfight. Nuc was unstoppable and all of BDS were coordinating well in team fights.

Game 3 (G2 win)
G2: Jax; Lillia; Jayce; Varus; Leona
BDS: Renekton; Sejuani; Ryze; Caitlyn; Karma

G2's laners were winning everywhere, and G2 applied pressure everywhere. G2 had too much range for BDS to handle and snowballed an extreme early lead.

League of Legends

Day 3:


Game 1 (KOI win)
VIT: Gwen; Sejuani; Jayce; Sivir; Lulu
KOI: K'Sante; Vi; Orianna; Zeri; Soraka

KOI were bullying VIT through the bot lane, although Photon was growing a lead top. Comp was accelerated, and KOI were able to brute force fights.

Game 2 (KOI win)
KOI: K'Sante; Xin Zhao; Azir; Sivir; Ashe
VIT: Olaf; Nidalee; Yone; Xayah; Nautilus

An early 2v2 kill in favour of KOI in bot and a counter gank for another set up Comp. Malrang was everywhere, and despite Photon's best efforts VIT never got back into the game.

MAD v G2

Game 1 (G2 win)
MAD: K'Sante; Sejuani; Viktor; Zeri; Lulu
G2: Olaf; Lillia; Tristana; Draven; Rakan

An early kill top accelerated BrokenBlade and Caps, and G2 were significantly better at fighting in the mid game, leading to a clean close out.

Game 2 (G2 win)
G2: Jax; Maokai; Kassadin; Draven; Soraka
MAD: Jayce; Sejuani; Sylas; Ezreal; Leona

Chasy and Nisqy were performing well but Hans Sama was also growing a lead. Although Carzzy did a lot with a little, G2 were able to find a lot of good fights and play for their scaling lanes.

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