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League of Legends

LEC partners with SAP for 2021 Summer Playoffs

The event kicked off this past weekend.

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The 2021 Summer Playoffs for the League of Legends European Championship kicked off this past weekend to see the best teams fight it out for a spot in the World Championship, set for a few months.

To mark this event, Riot has announced that it has partnered with SAP for the Summer Playoffs, to give fans a fresh insight into the esport. The deal has seen SAP and the LEC work on a new segment together that analyses and compares a player against an average of all players in various situations, to provide a deeper look into the intricacies of the game.

"There is no doubt SAP is a global powerhouse, and the company has carried over its vast knowledge and experience in enterprise application software into our world of esports through this partnership," said Zeynep Gencaga, senior manager, business development and partnerships Europe and MENA. "SAP's engineers have been working tirelessly with our team to help innovate the visualisation of statistics to further nourish our LEC storylines, giving an extra edge to every little bit of data.

We are very excited to welcome SAP as a Summer Finals Partner to showcase the fruits of our collaboration to the wider esports community."

The 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs will continue this weekend, and will conclude August 29 with the event finals. Make sure to catch all the action here.

League of Legends

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