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Leak: PS5 DualSense has a 50% bigger battery than the DS4

An accessory manufacturer leaks new comparative pictures along with several details and impressions of the next-gen controller.

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If a retailer ruined the Xbox Series S 'surprise' for Microsoft, now an accessories manufacturer has decided to ignore every non-disclosure agreement signed with Sony to publicly share their impressions (quite positive impressions, by the way) about the DualSense, the next-generation controller for the PlayStation 5. And just in case they were to be not trusted, they have done so together with pictures and great detail.

User Galaxy666 on Twitter, who will probably see their account wiped within hours, shows never-before-seen pictures of the black and white controller and focuses the detail on one specific aspect: battery capacity.

The model shipped to this manufacturer (it's unlikely that will change with the unit retailing in a few months), the PS5's DualSense controller houses a 1560 mA Li-Ion battery. If we consider that PS4's DualShock 4 controllers include a 1000 mA battery in its most recent iterations, we're talking about roughly a 50% increase in capacity.

That being said, it is currently impossible to know whether the increase in capacity means a similar increase in battery life. DualShock 4's limitations have been heavily criticised during this generation, but it also worth noting that the DualSense's new features, such as haptic feedback, may or may not mean higher average energy consumption. It's also more discreet in terms of lighting, and at any rate, it'll recharge faster via USB-C.

But we'll see when we get our hands on the final unit and play for hours non-stop around the PS5's release this autumn. What do you think about the battery size increase?

Leak: PS5 DualSense has a 50% bigger battery than the DS4

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