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Gamereactor League Rules

  1. Normal Gamereactor Terms and Conditions, which can be found at the bottom of the website – also applies
  2. Server Rules TBA for each event/competition
  3. We announce competitions during the season, until we finally stop the qualification on June the 15th at 00.01.
  4. To qualify for the general and event based competitions you need to:
    • Have an account on Gamereactor website.
    • Connect your Gamereactor account with your steam account.
    • Be located in, and a citizen of either Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
    • Make sure that your Gamereactor profile is updated with your current contact information.
  5. To qualify for the main competition, you also need to be ranked within the top 20 or higher on the Gamereactor qualified CS:GO scoreboard when the stats are fron on June 15th at 00.01.
  6. The main competition will be a 1on1, Deathmatch or similar tournament amongst the highest ranking players on the Gamereactor CS:GO (competitive) servers.
  7. Cheating in any form will result in permanent ban from our CS:GO servers, and exclusion from the competitions. Gamereactor staff decides who is cheating, and who is not. No appeal is possible. Any form of tempering with the game client or any other alterations is also considered cheating.
  8. Our CS:GO ranking, is calculated from your actions on the CS:GO servers, examples of actions which can affect your score is:
    • Bomb plant/defuse
    • Kill/Death
    • Team kills/hits.
    • Suicides
    • Team wins/looses
    • Some weapons count higher than others, both in kills and deaths
    • Kill Aiding
    • Grenades
    • Bomb drop and pickup
    • Grenades
  9. Actions which will not affect your score:
    • Bomb plant/defuse
    • Kill/Death
  10. Conduct – we expect everyone to behave, common sense and courtesy is expected – otherwise you will get banned and booted out. This includes any form of spamming, links to, or outbursts of extremist, violent, sexual, insulting or pornographic nature. There is no appeal.
  11. Betting is not allowed in any form.
  12. English language is used to communicate to the players.
  13. Only one account per person is allowed. We reserve the right to change display names, nicks, team names, URL Aliases etc.

 Main Prize: MSI Nightblade X2B 248EU Computer from MSI:  Link to Proshop
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