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League of Legends

League of Legends Worlds 2016 viewership stats released

Over 370 million hours of esports watched.

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Back in October one of the biggest esports events of the year, the League of Legends World Championships, reached its conclusion, where we saw the best teams the LoL world has to offer go head to head. This week, Riot Games released the viewership numbers for the tournament, and it seems that the game can't stop growing.

The most impressive stat listed in the infographic is probably peak concurrent viewership, which capped out at 14.7 million people, with 43 million unique viewers. These are staggering numbers for an esports tournament, and it seems like only League of Legends is capable of achieving this right now. There were also 370 million hours of live esports viewed, and 396 million total cumulative daily unique impressions. The tournament, which lasted a month, ended with a prize pool of over $5 million US dollars, over half of which was raised thanks to crowdfunding from fans.

Compared to last year's finals statistics, it seems that League of Legends is still growing after all these years at the top. Last year's total concurrect viewers was 14 million, so we've seen an increase of around 5% on that front. The total concurrent viewers last year was 36 million, meaning a 10% increase in how many people watched the tournament at any point.

League of Legends is a goliath esport that doesn't show much sign of stopping, and with the 2017 season just around the corner, we're interested to see where Riot will take their wildly successful game next. What do you make of these numbers? Do you think the game has reached its high point this year, with no hope of getting any bigger?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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