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League of Legends is to get a huge update ahead of the new season

The update is on the PBE now, if you'd like to try it.

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A new preseason update has made its way to the League of Legends testing realm, the PBE, ready to be brought over to the full game before Season 7 begins. This update has happened with almost every preseason, including major updates and reworks to some significant systems in the game. Last year, AD Carry's saw the spotlight, but this year assassins are getting the rework treatment.

Ten of the playable assassin champions in the game are getting tweaks, but amongst these four are getting major reworks; Talon, Rengar, Leblanc, and Katarina. Fizz, Zed, Akali, Kha'zix, Shaco, and Ekko have all received much more minor tweaks. Assassin's items are also getting changed around, with four items getting tweaked and two new items being added into the game.

That's not even close to being all, though, as stealth mechanics have been split into two new types. For champions with long term stealth, like Twitch or Evelynn, it has been renamed to 'camouflage,' which retains your invisibility until you get close to an enemy. For champions with short term stealth, however, like Shaco or Wukong, you are completely invisible for the duration of your stealth ability. Vision wards, which previously used to reveal stealthed champions and stealth wards, now simply disable stealth wards, meaning champions passing by the ward will remain invisible.

That's a lot to take in, but we're still not finished. The jungle is now becoming a 'living jungle' with plants in strategic locations that provide bonuses when destroyed. You've got the blast cone, which knocks away nearby units when destroyed, meaning you can use it to jump walls or escape enemies. Next up is the scryer's bloom, which spreads pollen across the map, revealing any units along the way - making it a useful tool to check where the enemy is or invade their jungle. Finally, you've got honeyfruit, which simply heals you for a portion of your health and mana when collected. There are also changes to jungle camps, a new mastery called Courage of the Colossus to replace the now removed Strength of the Ages, and some new items for tanks and supports to sink their teeth into.

The final update we're going to mention here is the replays and practice tool. After years of promising to bring in a replay tool, which lets you watch you games back, Riot have finally made good on their promise, with all the fancy spectator tools you're used to. There's also the practice tool, which is similar to the 'sandbox mode' that Riot were so fervently against earlier in the year. It allows players to reset cooldowns, spawn in gold and more, so that you can practice mechanics without having to enter a custom game every time.

We've listed a lot of the changes here, but there are a few more that have been made to things like client, along with some little tweaks. If you want to read about these, head this way. Do these changes sound welcome to you League of Legends fans?

League of Legends

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