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League of Legends

League of Legends' City Champs is returning

12 cities will face off to see who's best.

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Last year's City Champs tournament in League of Legends was a success with both players and fans, and now the tournament is returning, with 12 US city teams facing one another for prizes like skins and RP.

The 12 teams competing this year (eight more than last year's four) are Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle, and all you need is a qualifier ticket to try out for your local team - after all, it is an amateur tournament away from the lights of the LCS.

The teams will compete against one another in both elimination brackets and round robin, and the winning receives not only the coveted trophy, but also each member receives 5,800 RP, a City Champs jacket, and the Trumphant Ryze skin.

For more information and to get qualifier tickets, head over to the official website, or you can watch the trailer down below. Will you be trying to qualify?

League of Legends
Photo: Super League

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