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Léa Seydoux confirmed for Dune: Part 2 as Lady Margot

The French actress is joining the anticipated sequel.

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Dune was one of few movie highlights during the pandemic and seemed to be almost universally beloved. Even if it wasn't the biggest success, it still performed well enough for a sequel, and now one of the main characters has been cast.

It is Lady Margot, who will be played by the French actress Léa Seydoux (Inglorious Basterds, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and No Time to Die). It is still not known how pronounced Lady Margot's role will be in Dune: Part 2 compared to the books as she was missing from the first movie, but as she is an important character and Seydoux is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood right now, it seems unlikely to be a minor part.

Léa Seydoux confirmed for Dune: Part 2 as Lady Margot

Thanks Variety.

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