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LDN UTD has been acquired by Ludus Gaming

The esports organisation has been purchased by the Web3 developer.

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The esports organisation LDN UTD has been acquired by the Web3 developer, Ludus Gaming. As revealed in a new blog post, we're told that Ludus has claimed a majority share in the esports team, which will see Ludus' Daniel Gee becoming the new CEO, whereas a collection of other Ludus members will occupy executive positions at the team.

The acquisition will continue to see LDN UTD operating and hosting an array of tournaments and events, many of which aim to highlight upcoming stars, or even benefit those who have been impacted by youth violence.

"Ludus Gaming was created to push inclusivity in gaming and the ethos of LDN UTD fits perfectly with our purpose," said Gee. "We explored lots of acquisitions including other esports orgs but working alongside Olly and the LDN UTD team we knew this would be the perfect fit for our team; leveraging our skills in building long term commercial partnerships and growing brands. We can't wait to begin the transformation into a global esports education and development community and explore deploying the LDN UTD model worldwide."

Otherwise, with this new array of members at the top of the team, LDN UTD will now be looking to further explore sponsorship opportunities, events, activations, and more, all as part of the effort to merge LDN UTD with Ludus' wider business ventures.

LDN UTD has been acquired by Ludus Gaming

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