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LCL team M19 receive huge investment

They've got quite a lot to be excited about.

M19, a League of Legends team competing in the LCL (the Continental League for the Russian/CIS region), has received sponsorship from Strongbow Investments, with Yahoo Esports receiving more information about the investment.

M19 have also acquired another team in the region, Albus Nox Luna, and they're receiving a new gaming house called Manor Nikolsky, valued at roughly $22 million USD. This is allegedly only the beginning of the investment for M19, however, as they want a full "Asian-style" esports organisation in Russia, with plans to expand into other titles like CS:GO.

Moving forward, each player will have their own training program, a healthy environment to play in, and sports psychologists are even being recruited too. M19 are also looking for sponsors as "active partners," not just a name on a shirt.

Do esports teams need this level of investment to be successful?

League of Legends
Photo: M19

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