Little Big Planet 2

LBP's Cross-Controller demoed

Dual screen gameplay with Vita/PS3.

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Sony showcased the cross-controller DLC - that allows you to use the PS Vita as a PS3 controller - for Little Big Planet 2, during its Gamescom conference.

We were presented with a live gameplay demonstration, as Sack-boy negotiated a trap-filled spaceship to save a enslaved princess (likely in a galaxy far, far away). While using the PS Vita as a standard controller, certain puzzles - like moving a box around a series of electrified fences and detecting deathly floor panels - were controlled and mapped by the Vita's touch screen.

The demo ended with Sack-boy exiting the ship momentarily, and the gameplay continued on the PS Vita screen. The company suggested different roles for the each player during multiplayer sessions - one using the handheld while others used the PS3.

While it was easy to dismiss the idea initially, the live demo provided plenty of interesting possibility comes its release. We'll have more details of it over the weeks to come, so keep an eye on the site.

Little Big Planet 2

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