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Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 is coming to Switch on May 20

Pre-orders for the horror are now open.

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Bloober Team has revealed that its psychological horror Layers of Fear 2 will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 20. Pre-orders for the game are now open and there is currently a discount of 10% for those who purchase the game ahead of release.

Layers of Fear 2, if you're unware, differs from its predecessor, as it sees you play as a Hollywood actor and it takes place on a cruise ship that is sailing the waves. It still features the same claustrophobic nature and mind-bending imagery as the original, however.

You can take a look at our initial review of Layers of Fear 2 here. Alternatively, you can also read an interview we did with Bloober Team CEO Peter Babieno here.

Layers of Fear 2

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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