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LawBreakers: Sleigh the Holiday event announced

It will start tomorrow.

Although LawBreakers hasn't had a very easy life since launch, seeing player numbers drop significantly, Boss Key Productions hasn't given up and have continued to offer content to keep players engaged. With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, the studio has now announced a special Christmas event called "Sleigh the Holiday", which will start tomorrow, December 21, running until January 4.

In the event players can get double XP points and access to Season 1 of the Competitive Mode. Although it won't add new content, then, it could be an interesting opportunity to dust the game off and get back into it.

Also, if you haven't bought the game already, you can get LawBreakers at a 50% reduction on all platforms at the same time the event is going on.

If you want to see whether the game is for you, check out our review before you buy. Is this the time to jump back into it?

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