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Lawbreakers has a free weekend on Steam

And a discount to match.

As of today Boss Key Productions' Lawbreakers has a free weekend on Steam, and there's also a discount on the game as well, in case you find yourself hooked once you dive into the free version over the next few days.

The latest version of the game features a Guided Tutorial and Ranked Mode Boss Leagues, and if you fancy giving all this a go, you'll have to be quick, as it ends on Sunday at 20:00 GMT.

The Steam discount, however, lasts until November 14 (Tuesday) at 17:00 GMT, with the PS4 discount also running until the same day at 16:00 GMT. For more details visit the Steam page for the game, which features the discounted price of £12.49.

Will you be trying the game this weekend, if you have yet to do so?

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