State of Decay 2

Launch trailer lands for State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

New and improved, the Juggernaut Edition is out now and offers a more polished experience.

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We really enjoyed State of Decay 2 when it released two years ago, but it really felt like a low-budget game when it came to graphics. Fortunately, since Microsoft snapped up the developer, Undead Labs, the studio has be given the time and resources needed to help it reach full potential.

We have previously told you about the Juggernaut Edition of the game, which is included for everyone who has the original game (head over this way if you are playing the PC version) or Game Pass. Not only does it look a whole lot better, but it also includes all released DLC and plenty of new content. The main draw is a new open-world map called Providence Ridge, however, there are also tons of other improvements to just about everything.

The Juggernaut Edition is out now and we have just got a launch trailer, which you can check out below. According to Microsoft, over seven million people have played State of Decay 2 so far and we assume this will grow the number of apocalypse survivors even further.

State of Decay 2

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