The Last of Us: Part I

Latest The Last of Us: Part I on PC patch takes aim at bugs, crashes, and other performance issues

Naughty Dog is continuing its work to improve the poorly received port.

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When The Last of Us: Part I debuted on PC a couple of weeks ago, the game was incredibly poorly received by fans, as it was clear that this was another lacking port from PlayStation. Riddled with bugs and other performance and graphical issues, the game has been the subject of a lot of backlash, and developer Naughty Dog has promised to improve the game with an array of fixes and updates.

In the spirit of this, over the long weekend, Naughty Dog dropped a new update for the game, with this squashing a ton of bugs and issues, all while attempting to improve performance at the same time.

This includes looking at the game in general, the Left Behind content, the accessibility suite, localisation efforts, and improvements for those playing with AMD hardware or on the Steam Deck or Epic Games Store.

Check out the full patch notes here.

The Last of Us: Part I

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