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Saints Row

Latest Saints Row trailer shows off more of the wacky gang warfare gameplay

The Santa Ileso population really is an unusual bunch.

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If you hadn't seen much of the game already, the Saints Row reboot that is set to launch later this month is shaping up to be a rather unusual gang warfare experience. Whilst seemingly more grounded than the latter instalments of the previous series, this game is still packed with all manners of wacky events and kooky characters, and the latest gameplay overview trailer does a great job at showing that off in further detail.

Here we get to learn even more about the various gangs that are found around Santa Ileso, and also a little more about the crew that you will be tearing up the streets with. Of course, this is all done in a typical Saints Row fashion with lots of explosions, colour, and chaos. You can check it all out below.


And as for when you can look to dive into Saints Row for yourself, the game will debut on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on August 23, 2022.

Saints Row

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