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Last Oasis

Last Oasis makes its way to Steam Early Access this spring

Donkey Crew has revealed the news along with a brand new trailer, showing us what clan-based survival will be like in the MMO.

Indie developer Donkey Crew has revealed that their survival MMO Last Oasis is due to enter Steam Early Access this spring, and we have a brand new trailer to get us prepared. It's not easy to survive in the post-apocalypse as you'd expect, so this trailer gives us a taste of what we're getting ourselves in for.

It's a pretty bleak premise, as the Earth's rotation has been halted and the moon destroyed. Only a thin strip of the planet's surface is habitable, and so humans have taken to a large walking city called the Flotilla to survive. Outside of this city though, clans are always battling, and you play as a nomad sent out into the wilderness to gather resources and build walkers. These are needed for traversing the world and building your base.

"In Last Oasis, Clan Warfare fuels the economy, the economy encourages traders, traders encourage piracy, pirates encourage mercenaries," said Florian Hofreither, Project Lead. "Everything is designed to be interconnected, players affect other players with their actions, often without even knowing it. This leads to a meaningful, evolving world and real player-driven stories."

The specific release date will be announced in the coming weeks, but for now you can check out the trailer and screenshots below as well as the Steam page.

Can you survive out in the wild?

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