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Last Oasis

Last Oasis arrives in Early Access this summer for PC

This nomadic MMO requires you to move on fast as the world is slowly dying.

We seem to love the post-apocalypse as gamers. Every few months a new title set in this style of open world seems to launch, and they usually gather a decent fanbase. The next in that long line is Last Oasis, which is coming to early access this summer.

This MMO from developer Donkey Crew is their first outing, and it certainly looks interesting. The trailer sees some huge spider-tank-bird-things (yes, you read that right) roaming around in a large open desert space. It appears these are the main vehicles in the game and can be used as battering rams in combat.

We also see some hand-to-hand combat when you get down from your spider-tank, which looks quite dynamic. We're not sure what upgrades and abilities will come into play here, but once players get their hands on the early access build, we hope to find out.

Last Oasis will launch into early access on September 3 and could stay in that state for 12-24 months (according to the game's Steam page).

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