Las Vegas receiving Neonopolis esports arena

Millenial Esports is behind the project.

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As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, a new 200 seat esports arena is under construction in downtown Las Vegas, meaning gamers in the gambling capital of the world are soon to have their own dedicated venue. The arena is kicking its esports life off with a three day Halo tournament starting March 3.

"As soon as I got into this industry, I knew I wanted to be in Las Vegas and specifically in downtown Las Vegas," commented Alex Igelman, chief executive officer of Toronto-based Millennial Esports, the company behind the Neonopolis Arena. "The demographic and everything about downtown fits perfectly with esports — you know the millennials."

Igelman is a lawyer and has had a long history with Las Vegas before starting his exploration into esports, working with the city to help collect debts. With his cemented knowledge of Las Vegas, Igelman explained that the arena perfectly fits downtown, rich with his target demographic and amenities already in place.

"Even just within this facility, there's food establishments, beverage establishments, an arcade. They can even get married right here at Neonopolis in two places," he said. "You've got pretty much everything you need. The Fremont Experience is next door with thousands of hotel rooms within a 30-second walk."

The arena can hold a maximum of two hundred people with its stadium style seating and a main room for up to 500 people, a green room, and a VIP room for well... VIPs. The main room is equipped to record and live stream for participants with online followers as well.

Will we see more dedicated esports venues like this in the future?

Las Vegas receiving Neonopolis esports arena
Photo: The Las Vegas Sun

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