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      Dota 2

      Las Vegas is to be the venue for a series of esports tournaments

      Amateur gamers are soon to be flocking to the Strip.

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      Las Vegas hasn't been the host of much esports action as of yet, but Ultimate Media Ventures and FaceIt are planning to make just that happen. A new series of amateur tournaments, named Battle on the Strip, hopes to bring in new faces to the scene across a number of different games.

      The prize pool for each of the tournaments will likely vary depending on the esport, but for amateurs this tournament will be tempting. The first tournament as part of the Battle on the Strip is for Dota 2, and the prize pool is a nicely-sized $25,000. Teams who want to compete will go through an online qualifier, and the four US finalists will be flown out to play live at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

      The game that will be played is on a monthly rotation, and next month the game on the Strip is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We expect to see games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and maybe even fighting games like Smash Bros. or Street Fighter appear at the tournament, which will be well worth a watch.

      The Battle on the Strip is sadly only available to US players, but for those who may be qualified to sign up, or simply want to learn more about the event, you can do so here.

      Dota 2

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