Larian has opened up a seventh development studio

This one is based in Warsaw, Poland.

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It looks like the success of Baldur's Gate III has been enough for Larian Studios to feel comfortable opening a new development studio. This will be the seventh studio that make up the wider developer, and this one is based in Warsaw, Poland and going by the name of Larian Studios Warsaw.

We're told in a press release that this will help bolster Larian's existing 24-hour development cycle, with it working in tandem with the current Quebec, Dublin, Guildford, Barcelona, Ghent, and Kuala Lumpur studios, all in an effort to help create Larian's "next games".

Speaking about this decision to expand its reach despite the games industry's layoff struggles, Larian CEO Sven Vincke said, "Our plan for the Polish studio is very simple. Build a team that can work on our two - very ambitious - new RPGs and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We're a very bottom up company so I'm eager to see what new things they'll bring us. I think it'll work really well."

Larian Studios Warsaw will be headed up by Ula Jach, who has also commented on the studio opening, by adding, "We're thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with the abundant talent and expertise of the region, especially considering Poland's strong reputation as a hub for RPG and gaming enthusiasts."

Larian has yet to reveal what its next two games are, but the developer has already stated multiple times that it is taking a break from the world of Dungeons & Dragons and Baldur's Gate, so don't expect a fourth title in the series from Larian any time soon.

Larian has opened up a seventh development studio

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