Baldur's Gate III

Larian confirms that the Baldur's Gate III physical Deluxe edition on PS5 will begin shipping in Europe next week

They also regret to report that the Xbox Series version will still take a little longer due to production circumstances beyond their control.

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Good news for patient fans of physical editions of Baldur's Gate III. As many of you will know, late last year Larian opened pre-orders for a physical Deluxe Edition of the acclaimed Game of the Year for both the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. While the PC copies (which include a digital Steam key and therefore no physical game support) have already completed shipping, the console versions were delayed to cope with the demand for game discs (three for the PS5 version, and four on Xbox Series). Both editions were scheduled to begin shipping between April and May, and now we have an update, albeit a "half-hearted" victory.

Larian Studios has sent out an email to those who pre-ordered their physical console edition of Baldur's Gate 3 in the first wave, informing that the PlayStation 5 version will begin shipping to recipients in Europe and Oceania as of next week. They also report that, due to an issue "beyond their control" in production, all Xbox Series pre-orders and PS5 pre-orders in the US will suffer an extra delay. The company apologises for this eventuality and promises to ship these versions to their territories as soon as possible.

Finally, Larian confirms that it will provide more information on the game's shipping times next week, so if you've been waiting to start your Baldur's Gate III adventure until you literally have it in your hands, stay tuned to the messaging, because the time is nigh.

Baldur's Gate IIIBaldur's Gate III

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