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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Landfall Games announce open alpha for TABS

That stands for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Clustertruck developer Landfall Games has announced the open alpha for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS as it is otherwise known, along with a new trailer showing exactly what fans can expect.

If you were expecting to see more silliness from the minds behind the crazy Clustertruck, you'd be right, as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is neither accurate nor a battle simulator. Instead, it consists or brightly coloured cartoon people running around and hacking at each other, with ridiculous ragdoll effects to top it off, not to mention cannons and catapults as well.

You can get the alpha over at this link, where Landfall Games has provided the disclaimer: "Please keep in mind that this game is super early in production and therefore we have not yet decided a lot of things. We get a lot of questions that we hope the FAQ below will answer."

In the FAQ they reveal the alpha is free to all who sign up, although it's only available for Windows. They also say that no price point has been decided but that they are looking to release in the summer of 2017, "hopefully on consoles as well as PC".

Take a look at the trailer below. Would you rather this silly style of battle, or the Total War approach?

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