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Lake Ridden

Lake Ridden studio closes after low sales

The entire Midnight Hub team is looking for new jobs.

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Lake Ridden is a first-person narrative puzzler that we rather enjoyed, seeing you wander through a mysterious world on the hunt for your sister, but now Sara Casen, CEO of developer Midnight Hub, has taken to Twitter to reveal that the whole team are now looking for new jobs.

"I'm looking for a new producer job in the games industry. The whole Midnight Hub team is now unfortunately looking for new jobs :/ I'm sad to share this with you, but this is the case," the first tweet of the thread reads.

"'Lake Ridden' released in May, and we had the best launch imaginable; 5 days on the Steam front page, 96% positive review score, major coverage with streamers and we worked with two good PR firms. But the game has simply sold way less than anyone of us could ever have expected," she added.

"In fact, I still have a lot more Twitter followers than copies sold of Lake Ridden. This is very sad news ofc. The studio will technically continue to exist (the game will still be up on Steam and players will get support), but we have been forced to let everyone go </3"

At the end of the thread though, she adds: "Selling games on Steam (and GOG + Humble) in 2018 with almost 200 new games launching each week (and growing) while the average Steam user buys 8 new games/year is...hard. We're cleaning out the office later this week. Thanks all for the <3 I'll be OK!"

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Lake Ridden

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