Lab Zero's Indivisible about to enter last week on Indiegogo

Still about $350,000 short of the $1.5 million target.

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Skullgirls developer Lab Zero is about to enter their final week of an Indiegogo campaign to raise a target goal of $1.5 million for their new side-scrolling action RPG Indivisible (check out the Indiegogo campaign), set to be published by 505 Games (known for publishing games such as Sniper Elite III and Payday 2).

The first question of this title would of course be if they already have a publisher set up, why do Lab Zero need crowd-funding to produce the game? 505 Games have offered to put in $2 Million but only if the $1.5 Million goal is met, if that goal is not met then Indivisible won't be made. Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow has explained the situation to Shacknews, saying that "505 Games does business a little differently than most publishers... They prefer the devs to have some skin in the game", on top of this they also believe that having devs gather the money themselves will make them "more invested in the game's success and engaged in pushing for quality and promoting the game." So while 505 are happy to help, they want Lab Zero to show their commitment for the game first before they invest themselves. It's unlikely that 505 would fully fund the project in the event that the campaign falls short, however Bartholow has said "they're very supportive and we're already working with them on contingency plans if the campaign fails".

However with only 8 days left on the campaign, Lab Zero is still around $350,000 short of reaching their goal. This isn't the first time Lab Zero have had to ask fans to donate, as back in 2013 they set up an Indiegogo campaign to produce DLC for Skullgirls, as then-publisher Autumn Games couldn't afford to support the game with financial backing despite wanting to see the game grow. However raising the funds for Indivisible hasn't been the smoothest ride for Lab Zero, with Bartholow saying "we never thought it'd be easy, but we didn't expect it would be quite as hard as it turned out to be".

Despite funding fears there's been a lot of excitement surrounding Indivisible, with nearly 20,000 backers gained since starting in October and some popular YouTube Let's Players showing support as well, such as popular gaming duo Game Grumps and well known game critic Jim Sterling. On top of this Indivisible has done really well in comparison to other campaigns on Indiegogo despite still being short, typically Kickstarter campaigns have garnered far more money for video games. The game is inspired by the 1999 PlayStation One title Valkyrie Profile and has caught the eye of many with its gorgeous art style and unique gameplay.

Lab Zero has so far raised $1.15 Million, and it's Fixed Funding system means that they will only receive the funds if they get at least $1.5 million by December 5th, unlike other Flexible Funding campaigns on Indiegogo.


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