LA Cops

LA Cops dated on Xbox One and PC

Full version of top-down shooter coming next week.

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LA Cops has been in Early Access on Steam for a while now, but it will be launching fully on PC and on Xbox One on March 13, developers Modern Dream have recently announced. We spoke to the studio about their distinctive 70s-themed top-down shooter at the end of last year as part of our Indie Calendar, and studio director Oliver Clarke had this to say about the title:

"LA Cops is a top down shooter set to a theme of 70s cops in LA," Clarke explained. "It has an isometric viewpoint and the game itself is rendering in a vibrant stylistic full 3D. LA Cops is a hardcore game and as such it's challenging, compelling and rewards the most skillful and determined players. There are a selection of levels to play with through tied together with a story that shows how good cops can do bad things, bad cops can do good things and everything in between. There are six cops to choose from, each of which can be upgraded with XP earned through playing the game. There are also a range of deadly weapons to choose such as pistols, uzis and even a grenade launcher that produce a ridiculous number of gibs. Expect lots of action, humour, 70s brashness and an extremely rock soundtrack from LA Cops."


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