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TT Isle of Man 2

Kylotonn on starting over for added realism in TT Isle of Man 2

Sébastien Lebourcq tells us how the studio has been working to improve on the original TT racer.

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TT Isle of Man is an annual race that sees the small island become a haven for motorsports fans, and this year Kylotonn is working on a second licensed game that's looking to capture the spirit of this unique racing event.

With that in mind, we grabbed a word with Sébastien Lebourcq at E3, and there he told us how Kylotonn has "started all over again" when it came to physics and bike handling as the studio looks to make the most immersive TT Isle of Man game possible. Notably, we found out more about the new helmet camera that gives players the same view as a rider, with bespoke audio and visual effects to increase immersion.

We also found out how real drivers have helped to shape the development of the game, and we talked about how the studio is expanding on the game with some new, unofficial tracks.

"So you will go to very different tracks in the career. As we are the TT official game we had to focus on the TT as real tracks, but we have also added many other tracks. And in the final game there [should be around 15] other tracks than the TT. Some very short, some longer, and it will give a very different gameplay from what the real TT offers."

TT Isle of Man 2 is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One at some point in 2020.


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