Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda and Dodgeball described as two movies that are the perfect length

A study has confirmed what we're all thinking, that movies are getting to be too long.

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With movies easily running to 150 minutes or beyond these days, it's become quite popular to reminisce about when films used to run for around 90 minutes, with long films pushing the two-hour marker. A new study conducted by Talker Research has revealed the perfect length for a film, with information gathered from 2,000 Americans.

The study confirms what many of us are thinking these days, that shorter films are more ideal, as it states that 92 minutes is the perfect length for a film. The report adds that only 15% of the surveyed people said that movies over the 120 minute mark were acceptable, whereas only 2% said as much about films stretching beyond 150 minutes.

According to the surveyed people, five films that fall into the category of perfect film length are Dodgeball, Kung Fu Panda, Beetlejuice, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story 2.

The study even goes as far as to say that 23% of the surveyed folk have sat through three or more films they believed were too long in the last 60 days, and that the "average" respondent faces the same issue with at least two films during that same time frame.

Do you agree? Is 92 minutes the perfect length for a film?

Kung Fu Panda

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