Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter looks much better than Venom and Morbius in its first trailer

Russell Crowe does another accent, Aaron Taylor-Johnson kills his prey and we get the first look at a reimagined Marvel villain.

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Sony is really giving us a roller-coaster ride in terms of its Marvel movies. Every modern Spider-Man movie has been fantastic and a commercial success, the Venom movies have at least been commercial successes and Morbius was generally a failure. Now it's time for another lesser-known Marvel character to get its time in the spotlight.

The first trailer for Kraven the Hunter has arrived, and it gives us a short introduction to the origin story of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character, shows how brutal he can be, lets Russell Crowe try out a new accent and teases the return of a Marvel villain we've seen Sony try its luck with before - but in a reimagined form.

Seems decent enough, so I'm fairly confident it'll do okay when Kraven the Hunter premieres in cinemas on the 6th of October. Especially because his inclusion in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 two weeks later might draw more gamers to the big screen.

Kraven the Hunter

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