God of War: Ragnarök

Kratos can use different shields with different abilities in God of War: Ragnarök

The game will be arriving next year.

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As you probably noticed in the first trailer for God of War: Ragnarök, Kratos seemed to be using shields this time, something that surely will change the battles. Now we've got more information about this thanks to a Jon Ford interview with both director Eric Williams and the producer Cory Barlog.

Here, Williams reveals that there will indeed be several different shields in the game and each of them will have different abilities:

"I don't want to go too deep on it, but yes, there are different shields, and they have different defensive options and abilities. The reason we're doing this is we really want to open up expressive choice to the way that you build your Kratos, like the equipment and loadout and things like that. So all the way down to the defense, you can kind of play a little differently. And then the enemies know how to respond to that, or force you into these different situations where you need to use different things. So I think it will be fun for players to explore that. But also, we wanted it to be more expressive, where your choices matter when you set them up."

God of War: Ragnarök launches for both PlayStation 4 and 5 next year after a delay that was confirmed earlier this summer. What do you think of the idea of adding shields to God of War: Ragnarök?

God of War: Ragnarök

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