Kosmo Spin

Kosmo Spin

Kosmo Spin is a highly original new game for various iOS devices. Bengt does like Kylie and spins around...

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The games on iPhone I tend to like are games specifically designed for it and that makes good use of the touch controls. I can't stress how important controls are to any iPhone or iPad title out there.

Kosmo Spin gets this right as it lets players control Kosmo as he runs around a small planet at the centre of the screens by twirling their finger towards which ever direction he needs to move. It's fast responsive and precise.

Kosmo has three objectives. He needs to collect breakfast items that pop up around the surface, when he fills the meter at the top of the screen he gets into a bonus round of sorts. Secondly he can head balls that a flying saucer sends his way. Different balls behave different and bounce a different number of times. You can head the balls towards other balls or the saucer itself to score extra points. If you miss a ball you will be temporarily immobilised, which can easily spell death in a quick game of Kosmo Spin. The flying saucer also uses a tractor beam to try and suck you off the surface of the planet and when it does that's the end of the game and you will be greeted by the KOSM-OH-NO! screen. The flying suacer also sucks up any breakfast things you may have left behind and as it does it will reset your combo meter.

That's pretty much it for the main mode of Kosmo Spin. It's simple and addictive fun and the various balls provide a bit of variation. Footballs are straight forward enough, while baseballs will curve towards, tennis balls will bounce twice, and other balls will split up or move in various trajectories to mess up your game.

The cute characters and lovely design add a bit of atmosphere as does the cute sounds and tinkering soundtrack. The Ilo and Milo characters from Ilomilo (out on XBLA on January 5) make a cameo appearance in the background and this is due to the fact that one of the two persons who created Kosmo Spin used to be art director at Southend Interactive on Ilomilo.

But while it's addictive for a while it's not the kind of game you will go back and play over and over again for a longer period of time. You may pick it up for a few minutes every now and then, but I'd imagine that's it. There is a second game mode called quest mode, but it doesn't add any new gameplay mechanics as it gives more focused tasks to achieve within a certain time limit.

For $0.99 or equivalent Kosmo Spin is a nice albeit brief diversion, and while I wouldn't put it up with games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope it still has it merits and deserves a closer look.

Kosmo Spin
Kosmo Spin
Kosmo Spin
Kosmo Spin
Kosmo Spin
Kosmo Spin
07 Gamereactor UK
7 / 10
Lovely cute design, intuitive gameplay mechanics, feels original, rather addictive.
Quest mode adds very little, not a great deal of lasting appeal.
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Kosmo Spin is a highly original new game for various iOS devices. Bengt does like Kylie and spins around...

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