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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Kong director promises to make a "crazy" Metal Gear film

It's not hard to make crazy with Metal Gear.

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Kong: Skull Island's writer & director Jordan Vogt-Roberts made Sony Pictures a lot of money with his all-out monsterfest starring Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson, putting him in a position to be able to pick and chose his next project, which he did. In fact, he's directing a Metal Gear film (he's a huge fan of the series after all), and in recent interview with Screenrant, Roberts and screenwriting partner-in-crime Jay Basu talked a little about how they are approaching the material and how they look at the story, revealing that they plan to go pretty wild.

"Right now what we're trying to write is the craziest, punk rock, Kojima, rock and roll, like 'holy sh*t they're going to try to make that movie that does this in that many time periods?!' Like it's special. Whether we can execute on that script, whether we can get it made, who knows. But right now, I truly believe that the target is in the right direction, and so we'll see what happens from there."

Do you feel the "crazy" is the right way to go for a Metal Gear Solid film?

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

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