Konami won't have big reveals in June after all

You can forget about seeing Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania or Silent Hill during E3.

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It hasn't even been a month since the Entertainment Software Association announced that Capcom, Ubisoft, Koch Media, Nintendo, Take-Two, Warner Bros., Xbox and Konami would have big reveals at E3 in June, but plans have already changed.

Konami has gone on Twitter to tell us that it won't be a part of E3 after all. The good news is that we're also told there are several "key projects" in development, and that we'll learn about some of these in the coming months. It's just that we can seemingly relinquish any hope of seeing more Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Silent Hill or anything like that in June at least.

Konami won't have big reveals in June after all

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