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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Konami to make big announcements at future PES League events

The esports league is growing in importance for the PES team.

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We recently caught up with PES club captain Adam Bhatti at E3 where he was showing off Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 to press and gamers alike. Not only did we get our hands on the game ourselves, but we also had time to discuss the growing importance of PES League.

"I think for us, the biggest win in terms of esports is we got chosen to be the official esports game of the Asian Games, and obviously being out in Japan now that was just insane news, all over the news everywhere there. And I think we're moving forward with our PES League system, incorporating more modes and features," Bhatti told Gamereactor. "Last season was absolutely fantastic in terms of learning more and more and more. We had a different ranking system that we brought in and we're looking to be more diverse for next PES League."

Interesting stuff, but what he had to say next was particularly interesting, with the game's international brand manager telling us that the regular meetups for the PES League are going to grow in importance for the franchise moving forward, not just in terms of esports but also in terms of less-competitive announcements.

"And we're going to start using , I think one thing that's really important - I've actually not said this to anybody yet - but we're going to start using PES League as a way not just to announce PES League stuff, but to actually announce new things."

Bhatti continued: "So I think at the show we said that at the next PES League we're going to announce the next PES League and we're also going to let everyone know when the demo's coming out as well. But I would say to fans: expect more news, more information on PES 19, and also moving forward with these PES League events we're going to start treating them more like a festival, so it's going to be a celebration, maybe we're going to drop some amazing content in-game during the PES League."

You heard it here first.


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