Super Bomberman R

Konami has "plenty more in store for Bomberman"

It seems like we'll be seeing plenty of the iconic character in the future.

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Super Bomberman R was one of the release titles for Switch back in 2017, which means it had its sixth anniversary during the weekend. The game was met with really good reviews and also sold fairly well, and one year later it was also released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Konami hasn't forgotten about neither the game, its anniversary or Bomberman, and during the weekend they revealed on Twitter that they still have "plenty more in store for Bomberman". Super Bomberman R 2 was announced last year, so we know that's coming, but one game could hardly qualify as "plenty" so we assume there is more planned for the little white mascot who first showed up as a Hudson mascot in 1983.

Super Bomberman R

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