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Konami goes on and on: eFootball 2024 has already been downloaded more than 750 million times

It has added 50 million more in just four months.

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Last January we reported that eFootball had amassed an incredible 700 million downloads. It looks like Konami are doing really well, because now they have announced a new in-game rewards campaign to celebrate 750 million.

That's right, in just four months they've added 50 million more downloads (we imagine a slightly smaller, but very similar number of players) who are already enjoying football in both open online mode and in friendly matches against friends. Konami is celebrating the milestone with the following bonus content.

Epic re-release: Lionel Messi

For a limited time, the three epic cards of eFootball ambassador Lionel Messi, commemorating some of his most memorable performances (Big Time 27 May 2009, Big Time 6 May 2015, Big Time 13 December 2022) will once again be available.

Additional login rewards

From 25 April to 16 May, users can log in to eFootball and receive a free log-in gift of an FC Barcelona Lewandowski Highlight card, as well as log-in bonuses totalling 70 eFootball coins, 7 position training programmes and 7 skill training programmes.

In addition, by completing the campaign achievements, users can further bolster their in-game resources with potential loot of 360 000 GP, 250 eFootball coins, 102 000 Exp, 5 skill training and 3 feasible 'Highlight' deals from European clubs.

Finally, between 25 April and 6 May, users will also be able to enjoy a discount when purchasing eFootball coins. Full details of the 750 million eFootball 2024 campaign can be found in the image below and on Konami's official website.

eFootball 2024

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