Kojima's secret Xbox game is well underway

It's rumoured to be a horror title called Overdose.

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Even though it had been rumoured beforehand that Kojima Productions was developing a game for Xbox Game Studios which somehow relied on the Cloud, it was still a big surprise when the project was announced last year.

While we still know very little about it, it's rumoured to be a horror game called Overdose. Unfortunately, it will probably be a long while before we even get any further information about the project as the Xbox boss Phil Spencer visited Kojima productions back in March "to kick-off an exciting journey ahead".

During last week's Tokyo Game Show and today, we got a tiny sign of life though when Game Watch asked Spencer about the game, to which he replied that it's moving along well, but is not ready to be shown. Today, he also visited Kojima Productions together with other leaders from the Xbox team, and Hideo Kojima shared some images on X from this visit.

As it is a Hideo Kojima game, we know it will be something unique and we are looking forward to see more from it, although we assume the studio will focus on finishing Death Stranding 2 first. At least signs of life like this means we know Kojima's secret project is moving forward and is not put on ice, cancelled or anything like that.


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