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Death Stranding

Kojima wants to pioneer streaming and cloud gaming

In an interview with Japanese economy magazine Nikkei Business Kojima having teased something big in the works for cloud gaming and streaming.

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Hideo Kojima, head of Kojima Productions and creator of the beloved Metal Gear Solid franchise, the cancelled Silent Hills and its demo P.T. as well as the upcoming Death Stranding wants to pioneer cloud gaming and streaming. In a 5G-centered interview with Japanese economy magazine Nikkei Business (translated by Dualshockers) he talked about believing that gaming and cinema are and have been going in the same direction for a long time now, with their history being nearly identical. Moviegoers would go to public screenings followed by television and streaming services while gamers would play a brief game at the arcade followed by home consoles, PC and the future of streaming. As a believer in cloud media, Kojima talked about wanting to leave his mark as movies and games become one, specifically talking about streaming and cloud gaming and even namedropping the Google Stadia solution.

As the world slowly switches to 5G, Kojima believes that fact will make way for cloud gaming, letting the idea shine. "Cloud gaming experienced a boom around 4, 5 years ago, but there was no phenomenon carrying it. Many say it'll end in failure, but I think it didn't work out because the technology wasn't advanced enough. Now that 5G has launched, we'll see a huge shift to cloud gaming during the next five years. Entertainment as a whole will change and allow more liberty".

Regarding the topic of Google Stadia and how services like it will affect the industry we see today, Kojima believes that we'll come to see games we've never seen before. "
As streaming keeps evolving, games, movies, documentaries and any type of video content will all be on the same platform. This is the future I've always wished for. Services like Netflix will divide its content between "interactive games" and '"non-interactive movies". Games and movies are complete opposites, separated by a border. But that border will disappear. It already started to disappear. Like with Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch published last year"

Despite talking about a future where streaming is the norm, Kojima also teased having something in the works in regards to the solution that he couldn't talk more about, not wanting to spoil anything. Could Death Stranding be launching on Stadia?

To end the interview, Kojima said he hopes to stay alive as long as possible to see the changes that streaming will bring with his own eyes or even be the first person to make the games he wants to see, albeit difficult.

What do you think, will Death Stranding release on Google Stadia and if so, would you stream the game?

Death Stranding

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