Silent Hills

Kojima trolls Konami regarding P.T.

Their break-up still seems a bit raw, but Kojima deals with it like a boss.

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Before the end of last year game creator Hideo Kojima and Konami parted ways in what we have gathered was a rather bitter split. As a result of the break-up we lost Kojima's future influence on Metal Gear, but the promising Silent Hills was scrapped earlier that year as a result of the imminent break up. Hideo Kojima is prohibited from discussing both Silent Hills and it's fantastic demo, P.T., but this doesn't stop him from making a point every now and then.

This time he's posted the picture below on his Twitter, and we interpret it as a message to Konami saying that even though they removed P.T. from the face of the Earth (or PSN), it will never be forgotten. Or something along those lines.

Silent Hills

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