Koira will be getting a demo this summer

The striking adventure game from Studio Tolima is set to launch next year.

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Don't Nod has been in the business of publishing third-party games for a little while now, and as was revealed last year, one such game that the French company is representing is Studio Tolima's Koira.

This is a striking and delightful game that revolves around a spirit-like character who is tasked with protecting a puppy from the dangers of the world. This includes hunters that seem intent on snatching your canine companion and other hazards in the world, but it isn't all sad and scary as there's a magical world to explore packed with wonder too.

And Koira is designed in such a way to let you do just that, as the game features no dialogue whatsoever, and instead tends toward a singing mechanic and an emotional soundtrack to act as the language of the game.

While we'll have to wait until sometime in 2025 to be able to play Koira on PC, we can look forward to a demo arriving this summer. If you're unsure about what Koira will offer, check out the latest trailer below and some new images too.


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