The King of Fighters: All Star

KoF: All Star "re-imagining a nostalgia filled beat 'em up"

We interviewed the lead producer at Netmarble to discuss their upcoming fighting title, heading to the West sometime this year.

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Whilst we were at GDC (Game Developer Conference) 2019 we managed to get an interview with lead producer at Netmarble, Alexander Herrera, to talk about their upcoming title King of Fighters: All Star, a mobile game which will be published by Netmarble in collaboration with SNK, the original developer of the series.

When talking about what makes King of Fighters: All Star so unique, Herrera explained to us that "this will be the first title in the king of fighter's series, where it's going to have all of them together under one roof". This will equate to "around 50 fighters, with plans later to have them all later."

As for the game modes in the upcoming title, Herrera said that "there's only one mode at the moment but we're planning on having co-op mode, single-player story modes and things like that". All these should be implemented by the time the game is released, with the potential for more to be added as it grows further over time.

Herrera assured us the development team has been putting lots of work into making everything seem unique, and he explained that "even the basic attacks seem like signature moves. It took a lot of research and a lot of time and of course we worked together with SNK. We had to get their stamp of approval when we're creating these sorts of things."

The game is currently only available in Japan, but for us in the West "it's coming this year, with more content in the updates". When the game does finally release, you can look to pick it up on iOS and Android.

Will you be taking a crack at this beat 'em up classic?

The King of Fighters: All Star

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