Knockout City

Knockout City's out of this world fourth season is landing on December 7

Fans can expect a new map, new vehicles, and more.

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With December now upon us, many titles are celebrating the festivities and embracing Christmas-themed events, but Knockout City is handling things a little differently. The dodgeball title's fourth season is debuting on December 7, and it sees the arrival of mysterious alien visitors. Just like previous seasons, it's set to introduce a new map, new vehicles, and new event types.

The new map called Alien Smash Site is said to be Knockout City's biggest to date, and it's set on an old farm that is being observed by aliens. To help traverse this large-scale map, players can now use small flying saucers to more speedily move around. You can still knock out opponents when riding them, and you can use their tractor beams to suck up balls.

You can take a look at the trailer for Season 4 in the video above.

Knockout City

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