Knockout City

Knockout City is hosting a 10-day free trial at launch

From May 21- 30 players will be able to play for free and compete in several events.

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Velan Studios has revealed that it will be hosting a 10-day free trial for its competitive basketball title Knockout City at launch (May 21-30). Along with the trial, there will also be a series of events that players can partake in to win prizes and cash rewards.

Between May 28 and 29, two community tournaments are set to take place (a $10,000 event for North America and a £5,000 event for Europe) and this will see 64 teams whittled down to just one winner. Another event that is worth spotlighting takes place on May 26. Here players will take on the game's developers on Twitch and there are prizes available if you can beat them at their own game.

You can take a look at the new trailer for the game's trial in the video above and you can find out more details about the upcoming events here.

Knockout City

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