Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes reaches its goal

Fully funded on Kickstarter with two days to go.

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The charming co-op adventure game Knights and Bikes, from developer Foam Sword Games, has reached its target on Kickstarter. The pledge was for £100,000, and with 54 hours to go Foam Sword has collected £107,452 from hopeful backers.

Here's what the devs say on Kickstarter about reaching the goal: "When we first announced Knights and Bikes, we had no idea what the reaction would be. You've all made us feel so incredibly loved and filled us with energy and inspiration for the project.

"You've also stuck with us through thick and thin and always believed in us. Reaching 100% feels so inexpressibly amazing. Not only do we get to make our dream game thanks you all of you, but we know that we have the loveliest group of backers to make it for."

The game is confirmed for PC and PlayStation 4.

Knights and BikesKnights and BikesKnights and Bikes

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